/hōld/ | verb

dicionary definition: to be able to bear (the weight of a person or thing)

This activity will prompt you with questions revolving around the word “hold”. Consider conceptual, rather than literal meanings

examples can include: thoughts, feelings, resentment, grief, space, people, flaws, narratives, trauma

*Note: your answers do not have to revolve around any of these, they are simply here to guide you into thinking deeper about what “hold” can mean to you.

Creator's Interpretation

To hold something is to gently see that thing in its entirety, to face its flaws with compassion while acknowledging the potential it has.

brown hand with yellow bandaid holding one flower brown hand with yellow bandaid holding two flowers brown hand with yellow bandaid holding three flowers brown hand with yellow bandaid holding four flowers


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  1. Answer each of these reflective questions! (how you interpret the question and whatever you write is up to you)
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Healing is a (non-linear) process, remember to stay kind to yourselves.

Keep these words as a reminder for where you are at and where you want to go.

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